Custom portrait painting with family crest - Coat of Arms


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Portrait painting with family crest        


A unique heraldry gift for any special occasion - wedding - birthday - anniversary- Christmas etc 

Paintings are available in 14" x 18"  $  375.00  and  16" x 20"   $  445.00  ( framing available )


portrait painting with family crest


To order a portrait, simply  e-mail  a large file, high quality photograph, and if possible send a few photos as this 

will be helpful for me to capture the personality and character to create a detailed portrait for you.

Also, you are most welcome to let me know of any special requirements, size and medium you wish for your portrait.

After receiving your information I will send you a conformation and/or any pre-drawings (if needed).

With your photos for the portrait send us also your family crest, if you don't know your family crest

we may have it on file.




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